Sale for 25 – 31 Dec 2023 were 38 units

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Sales for 25 – 31 Dec 2023 were 38 units

The CCR accounted for 15.8% while the RCR and OCR made up 50% and 34.2%

The respective top-selling projects in the CCR is 10 Evelyn, followed by The Continuum in the RCR, and Hillock Green in the OCR

Flash estimates from URA showed that private property prices grew 2.7% in 4Q 2023 and 6.7% in 2023

The quarterly price growth in 4Q 2023 is more than three times the price growth in 3Q 2023

The faster pace of price growth was led by the robust sales of three major non-landed launches – Hillock Green, J’den and Watten House in November 2023

It is an indication of the ample liquidity of local buyers as foreigners opt out after the increase in ABSD to 60% in Apr 2023

Singaporeans and PRs made up 98.5% of purchases in 4Q 2023 while foreigners account for a mere 1.5%

Based on caveats downloaded on 2 Jan 2024, purchases by foreigners dropped to a low of 62 in 4Q 2023

This is the lowest number of purchases by foreigners ever since the Government imposed ABSD in Dec 2011

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