The gap between freehold and 99 landed has increased

  • 2 years ago
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The gap between freehold and 99 landed has increased till such that some buyers are being priced out.

The next best option will be going for an older 99 years leasehold landed, if space is a factor that cannot be compromised.

The downsides of 99 leasehold landed are still there and if you’re exploring entering into this segment, please be aware of the difficulty to exit in the future.

This proposal is something which I will be reluctant to recommend especially if I know that my clients are still young and will probably want to have another swap 5-10 years down the road.
The problem with 99 years leasehold landed is that the current market has driven many other landed prices up to such an extent that when one family compared to a 4 bedroom unit condo and a leasehold landed, it seems like a no brainer deal to take the 99 years leasehold landed.

The issues with day to day maintenance only arise when you start to live in it. Little things like pest control, gate repair/replace, gardening, roofing works.

All these are no longer covered by the mcst. You’re on your own to take care of these little things.
I’ve seen nice landed homes with open roof top terraces where in the beginning the family is excited to host guests and make it super nice.

But after a few years, the place become bare and weeds anyhow grow, water damage seen due to poor maintenance.

However, if you’re fully aware of what you’re going into and don’t mind holding on to it for the long term, the plus sides are there as what this article has mentioned.

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