Developers’ sales for the week of 06 Mar – 12 Mar 2023 were 68 units

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The CCR accounted for 75.0% while the RCR and OCR made up 14.7% and 10.3%

The top-selling project in the CCR is Leedon Green, followed by The Landmark in the RCR, and The Gazania and Urban Treasures in the OCR

The Buyer’s Stamp Duty was raised previously in Feb 2018 and recently in Feb 2023

An analysis of caveats from 4Q 2017 to 2Q 2018 showed that demand and prices for new homes worth $1 million and above were higher after the increase in BSD

2,052 caveats were lodged for new homes $1 million and above before the increase in BSD in 2018

This increased by 25.6% to 2,578 caveats after the increase in BSD on 20 Feb 2018

New sale prices increased by 3.9% to an average of $1,662 psf after the 20 Feb 2018 BSD increase

Preliminary data up to 13 Mar 2023 revealed a similar trend

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